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Project Final Stand: Please Endorse!

09-03-2004, 00:13
Here is the is currently on page 14 of the list of proposals:

This is for all people from any section of the grand political spectrum, for we all live on this planet together. The world needs to pay more attention to what is happening with the trees. As of now one acre of rainforest is being cut down ever three seconds! This information was quite staggering. I propose that we increase taxes by merely £1 per tax paying individual. (Obviously this is for states that impose taxes on their citizens).

After the money has been tallied, it will be sent to a minister within the UN. That individual, or individuals, will then disperse this money in different areas throughout the world. £1 is not that much, but just think...Brad-dur is a 1.5 Billion populated nation. That is a whole lot of money from just ONE nation, just think of what JUST 1000 nations could do! The possibilities are endless!


Thank You!