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Can it be done!?

08-03-2004, 17:38
It seems to me, in my short time in the UN nothing could be voted down. Always there is an overwhelming number of "yes" votes. Everything dosen't need to pass! From the resolutions proposed and passed is seems everyone should be an Left-wing liberal state, without war, without hunger, without anything that could possibly be considered offensive to anyone anywhere! Stop saying yes to everything!!!
08-03-2004, 17:42
There have been several which didn't pass (NS doesn't archive them) and several which passed by VERY slim majorities:

51.9% - Legalise Euthanasia (16th January 2004)
53.9% - Legalize prostitution (2nd February 2004)
55.2% - World Heritage List (15th November 2003)
55.2% - The Rights of Labor Unions (24th November 2003)
09-03-2004, 17:14
ok thanks