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A plea to the UN

08-03-2004, 12:46
Honourable men and women of the United Nations.
I have come to plead that you will swiftly take action and view on my former home-country's situation!

Tragedies are happening all over my beloved home country which I have been exiled from by the evil King Reanicus the fifth, a shame to his former family.

My country homes two different people, living in harmony. The native jahnans, which lives in both Reanicus and Berenglade, and the haghnans, which came after a long-forgoten country sent them in exile.

The jahnans are most to be found of in Reanicus, 75% of Reanicus' people are jahnans. But the haghnans have all the power, 100% of the goverment and leading jobs exist purely of haghnans, and while I speak honourable people, King Reanicus the fifth, a haghnan family, is running a genocide against the jahnans, sending away what he can spare or cannot use as forced labor to "ghettoes" with unbearable standards.

[The exiled shows a image of jahnans in these "ghettoes"]

He kills them - us in large numbers, slaughter and butcher, raid jahnan livings and plunder what is to take. He force them to dig their own graves before they get shot, burned, tortured...

[He shows yet another picture]

Jahnan slums and housings are being devestated, and the police, who is armed as much as the military shoots jahnans on sight. Some of us tried to resist, some of us pleaded for mercy, others made an outcry of it, but they were killed.. all of them.. those who fled, those who resisted..

[He shows his third one]

There is still a good number, which he use as force labor and gathered in ghettoes. But I fear there is little time.

Some countries have condemmed his actions, but it only made it worse as he build up his military, and stationed more in borders. I know Reanicus is a member of the UN, why we are I do not know, but please.. do not let this continue, I beg of you, do something.
08-03-2004, 15:14
Palinu is definately of the opinion that a picture is worth a thousand words.

With that in mind, Palinu has noted which direction the spikes on the top of the fence in the first picture are pointing, which implies that the fence was specifically designed to keep one side away from the other (as fences are wont to do, however, in this instance, it would appear to be specifically trying to keep someone away from these people. A lion, perhaps, that they wish to feed.)

Can we see more evidence, please?