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"Respect national sovereignty" - You know it makes

Further Maths
17-01-2004, 23:47
My good friend and regional delegate has put forward a proposal of the title in quote marks above.

Basically, it limits the power of the UN to force legislation on nations that do not affect their international relations.

This is quite sensible, as it is not the purpose of the UN to control internal affair of its member nations.

It would, among other things, repeal that ridiculous euthanasia resolution.

I ask all right-minded delegates to support this proposal. The UN should be an aid to international relations, and furthering the good of the international community. It should not be a glorified Home Office.

You know it makes sense.

Christopher Robertson
By the Grace of God
The Supreme Theocrat of Further Maths and her territories
Founder and Former Delegate of Despots R Us
Honorary Duke of Clangerland
Knight of the Decadonian Realm
Servant of the Servant of the Servant of God

"The greatest among you must be servant of all."
17-01-2004, 23:48
Game mechanics change.

You can essentially do this yourself by resigning from the UN.
Further Maths
17-01-2004, 23:54
How is it a game mechanics change? It would simply repeal the euthanasia act, and I believe that there are already bills to do this. It would also make other such resolutions invalid. Now I see how this might cause difficulty, but I think that people generally cooperating can overcome that.

And if the Euthanasia Resolution is not repealed soon, I will have no choice but to leave the UN. I just hope that we can prevent the UN becoming a Liberal Club.
18-01-2004, 00:00
Repealing an act is a Game Mechanics change (you'd know this if you'd bother to click on any of the threads that have been clamoring for it.)

Also your proposal would pretty much nullify ALL acts and more or less render the UN pointless.

Don't get me wrong, I want the Euthanasia act repealed too (for different reasons, I'm part of the 'loophole' crowd. I have no opinion on Euthanasia itself but the current wording causes a LOT of problems in New Eriu.) However I didn't write the rules =(. I also agree that the UN should not become 'liberal only' but you only need look at the list of resoloutions that have passed to see that started a LONG time ago.
Further Maths
18-01-2004, 00:03
Yes. 'tis a pity. Well, we shall see what happens in the near future. I think I may leave the UN. As for my regional colleagues, we shall have to see what they think. We are currently in the middle of creating a regional constitution, which will render the UN totally obsolete within Despots R Us. And then it will, perhaps, become the problem of everyone else.
18-01-2004, 00:07
Not totally. A regional constitution won't affect the game mechanics of your nation. The UN does actuall impact the social, economic and policial aspects of your nation.

=(. I'm sorry if you do decide to leave (even though I wasn't here when the Euthanasia movement passed), I'm more left-wing, but I think society can learn from it's right-wingers too =).
Further Maths
18-01-2004, 00:19
You're very kind. Perhaps the situation will turn around one day.

And don't worry, we aren't looking for game mechanics changes. We are a heavily role-playing region.

As my psychiatrist frequently tells me, it's all in our head.
Oppressed Possums
18-01-2004, 00:32
I think any issue of "national sovereignty" violates the UN charter. I think somewhere it specifically says the UN is the world governing organization.
18-01-2004, 00:39
I think any issue of "national sovereignty" violates the UN charter. I think somewhere it specifically says the UN is the world governing organization.

The UN is your chance to mold the rest of the world to your vision, by voting for resolutions you like and scuttling the rest. However, it's a double-edged sword, because your nation will also be affected by any resolutions that pass. (You can't just obey the resolutions you like and ignore the rest, like real nations do.)