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Proposal "Encourage Carbon Sequestration"

17-01-2004, 12:09
I'd like to bring to the attention the submission of a new proposal for the UN regarding the environment.

Rather than propose something like strict laws and regulation, this proposal is to unite the nations in order to develop individual programs. The proposal sounds somewhat technical, but it is in fact quite simpel: by planting trees and vegetation, the earth's capacity to 'absorb' the CO2 we emit is enhanced. Planting trees is cheap and as an added bonus, you get a forrest wich is nice as a recreational facility. States with large industries could require these industries to plant or adopt a forrest (adopt=pay for the maintenance of the forrest). It is up to each state what measures it will take. The goal of this proposal is to encourage the debate and exploration of the possibilities.

I hope the UN members are willing to think about this proposal and support it. You can find the proposal by searching for 'carbon' in the United Nations Proposals section.

[edit: text of proposal added]
The environment is a global concern and it is clear that all nations should work together in order to curb global warming. Scientific research shows that CO2 emissions are the biggest concern in this matter, so it is obvious that emissions should be reduced. In addition to limiting CO2 emissions by reducing the burning of fossil fuels, an additional and complementary approach is to increase the ability of the earth to reabsorb greater amounts of CO2 and sequester the carbon. Sequestration of carbon occurs naturally through photosynthesis. Trees and vegetation consume CO2 from the atmosphere and sequester the carbon in living plant tissue-leaves, branches, trunks and roots. About one-half of a tree is carbon and the dead plant tissue in the top soil of forest floors also stores carbon. Forestry measures (and other forms of carbon sequestration such as halophytes - salt-tolerant desert plants) offer the potential to contribute significantly to managing CO2 concentrations.

A wide range of so-called carbon offsets are possible through such measures as preventing deforestation, afforestation, reforestation, and improved logging & forest management techniques. Carbon offset projects can be maintained in either temperate or tropical forests; although the latter are more cost effective. Most significantly, because global warming is an atmospheric problem - unlike noxious emissions which cause local air pollution - carbon offset projects can be established anywhere in the world. As a result there is no shortage of available forestry projects. It is hoped that carbon sequestration will make a major contribution to international efforts to curb global warming. Besides the positive effect this will have on the earth's environment and climate, more forrests means more recreational facilities and will bring nature closer to the people. This will in turn help raise environmental awareness among the people.

The Democratic Republic of Maximillianus supports Joint Implementation and encourages all parties to the UN Convention to fully explore the potential of carbon sequestration in contributing to the international communities climate change strategy. UN Members should be encouraged to implement laws and regulations on a national level in order to accomplish this goal.
17-01-2004, 13:01
Could you post the text here?
17-01-2004, 14:36
Could you post the text here?
Changed opening post to include the text.
18-01-2004, 02:34
19-01-2004, 22:45
Tomorrow (Jan 20) voting for this proposal ends. Please take a look at it and support it. It's something that concerns all of us.
20-01-2004, 00:42
Global warming is a non-issue. It's just alarmist junk science, like "global cooling" was back in the 70's.
20-01-2004, 04:09
Global warming is a non-issue. It's just alarmist junk science, like "global cooling" was back in the 70's.Sorry, no. Global warming is an almost proven principal of science. Compare global temperature levels do the distribution and use of the internal combustion engine and you'll see what I mean. More engines means more carbon dioxide output. Fewer trees and other plants means less carbon dioxide removed. Wanna know the reason why the planet Venus is hotter than the planet Mercury? Its because Venus has a Carbon Dioxide atmosphere!
20-01-2004, 11:27
Global warming is a non-issue. It's just alarmist junk science, like "global cooling" was back in the 70's.
I know what you mean and I agree to a point. Huh? Strange reaction from the person that proposed a motion to curb CO2 emissions. Not really. While I'm of the opinion that it is not good for our planet to polute it as much as we can, global warming is indeed a bit of a dodgy subject.

The reason for this motion is not global warming persé, but just to try to counter the effect of CO2 emissions as much as possible. And the way to do that is not by restricting people's mobility or impose huge taxes on them, but just by planting trees. This is cheap and simple. And as a nice side-effect, you get more forrests to recreate in. What's the problem with that.

Nobody can deny that CO2 in the amounts that our industries and cars are producing is not very good for the environment. So...if there's a simple way to absorb a good part of it, we're on the rigth way I think.