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President's Response to Euthanasia

The Golden Simatar
17-01-2004, 05:54
Hello this is Cathrine Black reporting for Golden Simatar National News Agency. Just a little while ago President Richard Green had this to say to congress.


"The practice of putting people under like sick dogs has been offically outlawed by the goverment. Though the UN has passed a resolution saying that it is legal this nation will not abide by is law. Any doctor caught from now on doing this barbaric practice will be prosucuted to the full extent of the law. If the UN does not agree with my actions I formally ask Congress to vote on resigning from the UN. Good day."

That was president Green. We'll keep you updated on this situation.
In other news the moive "Goverment Powder" based off the best selling novel has been released.
Oppressed Possums
17-01-2004, 06:16
So he's voluteering to be euthanized?
The Golden Simatar
17-01-2004, 14:50
No, where did you get that silly notion. I just think it is barbaric and deam it my right to call it illegal. I don't wish to leave the UN but if the UN has a problem with my choice well, then they can, uhh what's the phrase? Oh yes. "Shove it".
17-01-2004, 16:35
Bravo, Simatar.
The Golden Simatar
17-01-2004, 17:38
Thank you Schweinfurt.
Emperor Matthuis
17-01-2004, 18:41
Weird...a U.N resolution expressed in R.P... :)
17-01-2004, 18:52
Official statement from The Empire of Heru Ur:

"We, The Empire of Heru Ur, find this statement bold. We sympathize with President Green's determination in maintaining a self-governing nation."