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How did THIS proposal get in?

17-01-2004, 00:09
No asylum for world leader
A resolution to improve world security by boosting police and military budgets.

Category: International Security Strength: Mild Proposed by: Ninatica

Description: I propose a resolution to declare President George W. Bush of the United States of America, an international outlaw for corrupt and injust political and social practices. This proposal, if adopted as a resolution would deny him political asylum and if captured, would hold him to the guidelines of the Geneva Convention for Crimes Against Humanity.

A vote for this proposal sends a message the corrupt political powerhouses that the UN will not tolerate practices in foreign policy that upset the politcal stability of "the world." This will put world leaders that prescribe to a similar governing ideology on notice.

A vote against this proposal will allow the status quo to continue, further allowing political and social injustice to proceed without reprimand from the United Nations. Thereby this will set a poor precidence and a loss of credibility by the UN.

I thought Bush didn't exist in NS?
Catholic Europe
17-01-2004, 00:26
Well, I expect that somewhere in the NS world there is a nation which has Bush as existing.
17-01-2004, 00:34
I'm a little surprised that got in, is it on the docket? With the number of angry Europeans on this game I would expect it to pass (no offense Catholic Europe).
17-01-2004, 00:37
As much as I dislike what Bush has been doing... a Warcriminal? er.. no.
17-01-2004, 01:00
This proprosal violates the rules about not using real leader names in them. It should be eliminated.