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16-01-2004, 04:29
These taxes are crazy i was hoping somehow we could possibly shift some money from rich countrys to perhaps poor countrys with a income tax rate of more than 50%. Just an idea because these taxes are just to high.
Henry Kissenger
16-01-2004, 07:39
isn't this the same issue like the other one.
16-01-2004, 07:43
and if it is... BOO! My money, and I will keep it. I can donate it to poorer countries... if I want too. Why rob the rich? They strived hard to get there! And deserve every penny they make.
16-01-2004, 08:33
Taxes can be controlled by the decisions you make when you deal with "Issues". If you pick one that requires the government to spend but not charge consumers a fee, your taxes go up. If you pick the decision that requires the Government to spend and to charge the citizens for it, you will either keep the tax down or earn from it