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good start in life act 2004

16-01-2004, 00:34
support this proposal as it benefits YOU!! and will grant you a good start in life
16-01-2004, 01:12
If this act ensures a viable future for the people of ASia Minor I will fuilly support it.
16-01-2004, 02:10
If it will benefit Letila, we are for it.

Kûk‡xenisi n!ok‡x'osi xno-k‡xek‡emi.-The state only exists to serve itself.
"Oppose excessive military spending, yet believe in excessive spending on junk food and plastic surgery to make all your women look like LARDASSES!"-Sino, when I criticized excessive military spending.
I'm male. Note the pic of attractive women.
Henry Kissenger
16-01-2004, 03:14
how do you benefit us?