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Transit Via Homeless Rikshaw

15-01-2004, 18:11
Please support my resolution to improve public transit in our cities AND solve the homeless problem!

WHEREAS homelessness is a global problem, severely affecting major metropolitan areas.

WHEREAS many countries are unable or unwilling to simply provide free shelter or "handouts."

WHEREAS a usable public transit system is the backbone of any major metropolitan area.

WHEREAS a rikshaw provides the romance of the Handsome Cab without the guilt or dander of the equine.

WHEREAS the homeless DO have an intimate knowledge of the street, and are always walking around the city...

LET IT BE RESOLVED that the UN shall encourage it's member nations to strap rikshaws to its homeless population.

The homeless shall be allowed to charge a heavily regulated fare for their services, providing another form of low cost transit, providing jobs for the homeless, and generally improving living conditions in the cities.
15-01-2004, 23:41
haha someone watches too much Seinfeld, but it's ok because that was a great episode. Anyways, it is a good idea and the Theocracy of Newmanity would lend its powerful 2 votes to see it pass if it gets that far. There are to be rikshaw qualifying tests in order to ensure the quality of the homeless runner right? lol
16-01-2004, 00:11
Exactly... but as we tell all applicants: "Pace yourself, you're going to have to do this all day, and for very little money."

Thanks for the promise of support, what I REALLY need is delegate support at this stage. Ask your regional rep to support us!

So am I crazy? Or am I just so sane that you blew your mind?
16-01-2004, 18:18
Tired of all those poorly-written proposals, all identical? All concerning gun control, the military, or all that youth in Asia?

Support this proposal, let it see a vote, and send a clear message that you're tired of the same-old, same-old!
16-01-2004, 18:36
The Rogue Nation of Greenspoint will not support a proposal simply because it's different from the rest.

Our government views the 'homeless problem' as one that should be totally handled by the individual nation and NOT something that the U.N. need involve itself in.
Emperor Matthuis
16-01-2004, 18:43
I do not support this proposal as i can sort this problem out by myself without the U.N's help 8)
16-01-2004, 21:01
So what problems exist that you CAN'T solve yourself?

The UN is about working TOGETHER for issues that affect us all, like homelessness! About our combined strength when we work togeher to solve a problem!

[music starts playing]

Sure, it may be a crazy dream, to help the homeless find dignity as they work to improve their cities, but it doesn't have to be! We can make it happen! All we need to do is work together!
16-01-2004, 23:31
So the euthanasia vote passed, so what!? It's obviously what the majority wanted! (I voted against, but whatever)

Now you guys that said you would drop, please do so, and let's move on to NEW business. Let's have the Rikshaw proposal see the light of day!

Give me your support, and stop spamming the forum with complaints about euthanasia!
16-01-2004, 23:43
Majority? That's what you call 700 votes of difference?

This proposal is of no use to my nation. All our citizens have their health, food and housing necesities covered.

One more thing: this is only thought out to capitalist states. There are a lot of non-capitalists in the UN.
17-01-2004, 00:07
Yes, actually... when one side gets more votes than the other, I call that a "majority."

So does everyone else... except you? You require a margin of... 701 votes for a majority?

As for it being no use... why not support it, so you can have the pleasure of voting it down? :)
17-01-2004, 06:06
I defy the UN to allow its member states to vote on this issue!

[bangs his shoe on the desk]
17-01-2004, 06:56
KRAMER: What're you doing. (fetching the bottle from the trash) Don't

throw that away.

NEWMAN: Well, I'm not paying the five cents for that stupid recycling


KRAMER: You don't pay five cents, you get five cents back. Here, read

the label here. (reads from bottle) Vermont, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New

York. Refund, (brings bottle up close to Newman's eyes) vrrup, five cents.

NEWMAN: (taking bottle) Refund?


JERRY: Well, what d'you think the hoboes are doing?

NEWMAN: I don't know, they're deranged.

I know its not the same episode, but still another great seinfeld encounter with the homeless situation and another brilliant idea from kramer. Guntland will vote for it provided it reaches the floor
17-01-2004, 07:49
Great! But ask your regional rep to back it, too. I really only want to see it get to a vote!