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Calling all Gambling Nations - "Destroy Cheaters"

14-01-2004, 14:37
I have Put forward a propasal to stop cheating in our Industry.

We lose hundreds of Millions to these people and I belive it is about time that we stopped them in there tracks.

Please join me in supporting this and lets get those little S*DS!

:twisted: 'Master of Evilgits'
14-01-2004, 15:42
Cheating is already illegal in every nation I've visited where gambling is allowed. How would a U.N. resolution to outlaw cheating help? If the cheaters are already breaking a national (or even just casino) law, why would they balk at breaking a U.N. rule?

This doesn't make sense to me.
14-01-2004, 16:08
Its not just to outlaw Cheating. but always To allow every Nation To Torture or even kill them!
14-01-2004, 16:18
Killing and torturing gamblers is not a good idea. But as a nation where gambling is legal in all forms, we would support a resolution to stiffen cheating penalties.
The Global Market
14-01-2004, 18:04
Since casions are private institutions and cheating does not involve force, we consider cheating to be a civil and not a criminal offense.

Casions and people cheated are free to sue the cheaters in our courts.
Emperor Matthuis
14-01-2004, 20:07
Bit of a pointless resolution as you can deal with this in an issue, but whey do you want to kill cheaters what happens if they accidently cheat and your name is dodgy...