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Euthanasia proposal vs. Game Mechanics?

Coffee Is God
13-01-2004, 18:14
Since there already exists an issue which debates euthanasia, isn't the present proposal therefore against the Game Mechanics?
Deciding against euthanasia in the issue will be against the proposal, if implemented.

These are the words of the High Council of the CiG-Nation.
Catholic Europe
13-01-2004, 20:02
Yes....that is a very good point indeed. Infact, I might bring this up in Technical and thus have the resolution deleted. :D :idea: :!:
The Black New World
13-01-2004, 20:20
Good point.
Catholic Europe
13-01-2004, 20:23
Hmm, I have a feeling that this will have no effect.... :?
Indigo Islands
14-01-2004, 07:46
We have already inquired about the results of issues that are in violation of United Nation resolutions. Specifically there is both a UN resolution and an issue regarding child labor.

We were informed that while a nations’ statistics will be automatically modified whenever a resolution is passed it is permissible for a member nation to choose to resolve the issue in defiance of the UN resolution.

We have avoided “peeking ahead” at the list of issues. If there is an issue on euthanasia you are free to choose whatever you wish. The only consequences are the reactions of your fellow nations.

Master of The Indigo Islands
Catholic Europe
14-01-2004, 16:34
It would seem that we are just to act in defiance of the UN.