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Playing with emotions

Hampster Squared
12-01-2004, 13:07
I am a little worried by the overly emotive languague used in the most recent UN proposal. I'm sure that there's technically nothing against this, and no real ruling that can be imposed, seeing as we all, to some degree use emotive laguague in our everyday lives. However, does this much of it have any place in a UN proposal. After all, we don't want storytelling and we?
12-01-2004, 15:13
If it eventually gets this proposal passed, expect to see more of it.

And no, it doesn't seem appropriate for proposals; it should be reserved for dorums like this! Woe, anguish, bad proposals alas!
Catholic Europe
12-01-2004, 16:38
*mutters some bad words about the UN and the current proposal*