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Excessive Income Distribution

10-01-2004, 03:44
The government of the Most Serene Republic of Etanistan wishes to direct the attention of regional delegates to the following proposal. Thank you.

-Fatima Gilbert-Gandalfson, Copy, Facimile and Caffeine Technician, United Nations Delegation, Most Serene Republic of Etanistan

"Excessive Income Distribution

A resolution to reduce income inequality and increase basic welfare.

Category: Social Justice Strength: Strong Proposed by: Etanistan
Description: Article 1: Finding the income disparity to be alarmingly large between the wealthiest and least wealthy individuals, all individuals with yearly incomes of more than 500 times the poverty rate of their nation shall be taxed at a rate of 85% for all income above 500 times the poverty rate of their respective nations.

Article 2: Each member government of the United Nations shall retain the right to define, with the exception stipulated by Article 5, for their own nation, the poverty rate to be used. Should the government currently not define any poverty rate, they will be required to do so at the passing of this resolution.

Article 3: The monies collected by this tax shall be put into a fund at the United Nations entitled "Excessive Income Distribution Fund," which shall be administered by a body entitled, "Excessive Income Distribution Administrative Body." This body shall consist of 100 administrators from 100 different nations elected by all UN Regional Delegates. Elections shall take place every three years, no nation shall be represented in the Excessive Income Distribution Administrative Body for more than two consecutive terms and no nation may be represented for more than four terms in any 30 year period.

Article 4: The purposes of this fund shall be the following: 1. Aid given to both member and non-member governments for humanitarian purposes, 2. Aid given to the poorest individuals of each member nation. The governmental aid shall be awarded at the discretion of the Excessive Income Distribution Administrative Body. The individual aid shall be given to any individuals of member governments that currently have yearly incomes below the poverty line of their nation. The amount of aid to be given to individuals shall be exactly the amount to bring their yearly income up to the poverty line for their nation.

Article 5: Should any member government define a poverty rate that is either too high or too low for one or more of the articles of this resolution to be effectively enforced as judged by the Excessive Income Administration Body, a new poverty rate for the nation will be created by the administration body for purposes of the enforcement of this resolution.

Article 6: The general body of the United Nations shall retain the right to overturn any actions of the Excessive Income Distribution Administrative Body via United Nations resolutions, which shall be proposed and voted on in the same manner used for all other resolutions. Furthermore, the general body of the United Nations shall retain the right, as need arises, to alter the provisions of this resolution through further resolutions."