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Urge for Support on Criminal Database Proposal

Park Slope-estan
09-01-2004, 16:59
The Republice of Park Slope-estan and UN Delegate for the Commonwealth of Solaris would requests your support for a proposal for an International Criminal Database.

As it states:

Description: Citizens of the world are becoming more global daily through international travel and moves. In most cases, this global movement is beneficial to all involved, but not in the case of international criminals.

Our nations have different systems of retribution (i.e. rape is a more serious crime in some nations than in others, etc.), which they all have the right to do. In the interest of keeping our nations informed so they can enforce their criminal systems, I propose we set up an international criminal tracking databse. This way each nation will be able to determine whether or not individual foreign citizens should be allowed within their borders, and how to manage them once they are within said borders (e.g. bracelets for rapist, child molesters, etc)

International Beneifts:

A. Will help nations determine which refugees to grant amnesty to
B. Will make it more difficult for terrorists to hide
C. Will help nations enforce uniform policies (standard definitions will be set)
D. Will help reduce crime

Please support this bill.
09-01-2004, 17:19
Splendid job! Now, it shall be easier than ever for me to identify foreign violent criminals, and then invite them into my country to help suppress the masses and inflict unwanton bloodshed on my people.

Of course, we would have to decide which crimes would lead criminals to be registered on this database. No point in listing people as evil bastards when in reality, they're just some numpty with a speeding ticket.

I heartily support your proposal!!!

King Flubbert III
Grand High Lord of the Evil Flea of Doom
Park Slope-estan
12-01-2004, 01:20
Thank you kindly King Flubert III
The Global Market
12-01-2004, 01:21
Our Senate unfortunately decliens to approve this bill. There is too much room for abuse.
12-01-2004, 01:28
So what you propose is essentially an extension of the bar-coding Big Brother systems that many nations use into a global system? If you could explain how exactly you'd enforce this, it would be appreciated.

Furthermore, what of persons who are falsely accused/convicted? Or criminals who evade capture, and therefore evade being marked? (unless of course the bar-coding is used for everyone, regardless of past history) Also, if something like the bracelets you mention are used, what is to stop the criminals from removing them? Your idea has a lot of merit, however, if these loopholes are left in the resolution, then the result will be much less potent than you intend it to be.