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Proposal to Overturn Resolution 245A Proper Grammar

08-01-2004, 16:45
Please see the resolution info for 245A at the end of this message.

245A set out to increase democratic freedoms, but instead biased the UN towards English speaking nations. It is my state's belief that this resolution should be superseded.

Here is the following resolution to be tabled (first draft):

Category: Furtherment of Democracy

Proposal: Resolution 245A effectively bans members from submitting proposals due to their failure to use the English Language correctly. In many member states English is not the first language and writing proposals can often be very difficult for those members.

In the actuality that we cannot work in any other languages, resolution 245A effectively curtails the rights given to members because they are not completely fluent in written English. With the enactment of this resolution the UN is in effect condoning 'cultural imperialism' and allowing certain members to gain an unfair advantage over their peers.

Therefore we propose that resolution 245A be superseded by the following measures:

If delegates, when reviewing resolutions, observe spelling mistakes or grammatical errors that cloud the meaning of the resolution they should be duty-bound to inform the proposer.

Upon being informed the proposer should, without undue delay, resubmit a corrected proposal, if this is not done, delegates should withdraw support for the proposal.

The Incorporated States of Jumbo Sausage and Chips urges all UN members to consider this resolution and to also feel free to correct any errors in it.

Ludivico Jones
Head Spokesperson
UN Delegation for the Region of Fast Food and Representative Collective for the Incorporated States of Jumbo Sausage and Chips.

PS For your info:

Resolution 245A Proper Grammar
A resolution to increase democratic freedoms.

Category: The Furtherment of Democracy
Strength: Significant
Proposed by: Scrotalia

Description: Too long have UN Proposals been filled with improper grammar. One can scarcely move between two pages of proposals without seeing some sort of grammar or spelling error. People need to realize that "your" and "you're" are NOT the same word. People also need to realize that "to" and "too" are also not the same word, and that the "Vaticant" does not exist. Any country that files a proposal with such language shall henceforth be banned from proposals until such time as they understand the English language and can properly convey their ideas.

Votes For: 8597

Votes Against: 6885

NB: First sentence is a fragment (should be 'For too long') and is thus grammatically incorrect. Second sentence should contain the word 'grammatical' not 'grammar' this is grammatically incorrect.