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Proposal For United Nations

08-01-2004, 10:34
Please consider the proposal Immigration Act.

I am sure you will agree upon reading it that we need to push this forward.

Please show your support!!

Thanky uo,


08-01-2004, 12:49
Is this stopping illegal immigrants, or detering them?

My country's personal stance is only to allow in those who will do the jobs no one else wants. We need clarification of this proposal before lending our support.

King Flubbert III
Grand High Lord of the Evil Flea of Doom
08-01-2004, 12:55
I believe the proposal seeks to deter and halt the inflow of illegal immigrants. However, immigrants that you allow into your country would not be considered illegal immigrants. It is not an anti-immigration proposal, but rather an anti-illegal immigration proposal.
08-01-2004, 13:04
Well, if they're already illegal, what is the legislation going to do? Are we creating an effective network for cooperation, or another layer of bureaucracy? This proposal seems to do nothing but declare a criminal activity illegal.
08-01-2004, 13:57
I agree with the previous post. The proposal appears to be redundant at its core.
08-01-2004, 14:36
Oh come on! You people need to listen better. The proposal is designed to try to cut down on the number of illegal immigrants by increasing the police and military budgets (i.e. increase the number of border patrols).
08-01-2004, 15:18
Oh, I get it. The famous "money rather than strategy approach."

Rather than just suggest increasing budgets, I'd rather see someone putting a bit of imagination into it.
08-01-2004, 15:44
The problem with it is the fact that this is not a UN issue, but should be decided in everyones nation, individually.
08-01-2004, 17:56
The UN could start a program for relief of refugees; that would reduce the pressure on immigration.