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Who enforces - Resolution 245A Proper Grammar?

Hudson Bay
07-01-2004, 20:48
This resolution was passed a long time ago. If you want the details go to the UN and look it up.

I understand that not all nations speak or write English as a first language. So I would be willing to help these nations by reviewing their proposals, for spelling and grammar, before they submit them. As aI am sure are many other nations. Just ask.

But this is just the minimum. The proposal needs to be a clear well thought out issue. It's obvious in most proposals that no thought has been given to the implications of enforcing the resolution. (Or if it is even enforceable in the first place).

Not to mention that most proposals are categorized correctly. There no definitions supplied to the key concepts. You could go on and on.

Maybe what is really needed is a University for creating resolutions.