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Proposed amendment to NSUN resolution process

07-01-2004, 18:39
We will be submiting a proposal that will suggest a restructuring of UN resolutions and how they are presented to NSUN members.

Our nation (like many others) is far too busy to deal with frivolous and ill-conceived proposals like this. The selection and presentation of proposals seems to be too disorganised and without planning. As a member nation we would prefer that UN resolutions be debated openly BEFORE they are tabled for voting, and not as part of the voting process. ALL nations can/will/should take an active part in this and if they do not then that is their choice. Surely this is not so complex a thing to establish?

We intend to table a proposal to amend the NSUN Charter to allow debate in a forum of forthcoming proposals and whether time should be spent on each of the proposals. We just need some support for this.

It is clear that the endorsement method for proposal inclusion is not working effectively. As a result of several recent 'incidents' of spurious proposals being placed for vote, it is clear that certain nations are not acting in a clear and fit manner for inclusion within the UN and using underhand methods to get resolutions tabled.

Our proposal is that the UN sets up a committee to evaluate resolutions and to ensure that the appropriate gravitas is given to actions which have far reaching consequences. To ensure a totally balanced approach to membership of this commmittee and to avoid one or more nations attaining a level of control outside of the principles of the UN charter it is proposed that the committee be established thus:

1. Membership be for a restricted period of no more than ONE MONTH.
2. Selection of nation members be done randomly with invitation by email.
3. No nation may be a member of the committee for more than one contiguous month.
4. Re-election to the committee can not occur until THREE MONTHS has passed.
5. Individual nations may apply for membership but the time limits will apply.
6. All nations, irrespective of stature and wealth/power, will be considered.
7. Each proposed resolution will be debated openly. Lobbying of members by interested parties will be permitted.
8...... We will put this proposal forward for additional article inclusion like "What shall we call this committee?", "What are the 'Limits of Authority?' and so on.

Comments anyone? Support for this proposal?


BTW Has anyone got a spare copy of the UN Charter?
07-01-2004, 18:43
Looks like a game mechanics proposal to me...
07-01-2004, 21:10
Looks like a game mechanics proposal to me...

It is, and chances are it will be taken out.

I want a UN that is more inclusive, not exclusive. There are over 100,000 nations in the Nationstates world, the numbers the creator of this forum suggests are too restrictive. Only 33,000 of those nations are in the UN. We ought to get more nations involved, not less. All ideas and thoughts ought to be heard.

I do not care for this resolution, but the writer has a right to share his ideas. Albeit the write displayed and put this idea together poorly. Still, everyone does have that right, even people who are not very skilled with English language.