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Freedom of Consideration

06-01-2004, 21:57
I encourage all UN Regional Delegates to support the Freedom of Consideration resoluation. This important resolution brings democracy to the UN by lowering the amount of UN Regional Delegates needed to bring a resolution before the full UN for consideration. The current number needed is much too high. Many regional delegates are not living up to their responsibilities to fully examine all the proposals being offered, hence, regular UN members are prohibited from even voting on these measures.

I urge you to support this resolution. It can be found on page 19 of the lists of proposals.

With kind regard,

The Imperious Leader
06-01-2004, 23:52
Sorry to tell you this, but since this resolution proposal affects game mechanics, it will probably be taken out... those are the rules.
07-01-2004, 08:35
Nonetheless, it's a decent point. We'd have a lot more to do in the UN if we had more stuff to vote on.

-Karrde- (My OOC name)