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Do U.N. resolutions affect your nation?

06-01-2004, 19:20
If you are a U.N. member, do resolutions affect your nation similar to nation issues (e.g. does it increase political freedom, or affect the text describing your nation)?

It doesn't seem like it does. Are passed resolutions just a role-playing tool to see what people voted for but with no REAL affect on one's nation?
06-01-2004, 19:23
They do affect your nation, or so at least the FAQ says. The effects of UN Resolutions on nations however are unclear.
Real Conservatives
06-01-2004, 19:25
As I understand it looking through FAQ, resolutions passed have a direct affect on all member nations and are implemented without question throughout all members.

That's why we at The Kingdom Of Real Conservatives have refrained from membership as they seem to discuss and pass mostly useless initiatives which could have harmful affects for our citizens (see our No Confidence Vote in this forum!)


Prime Minister Thatcher
06-01-2004, 19:56
As far as I know, resolutions don't affect your nation description, however, they do affect various stats which you can't see, which in turn affect your 3 ratings (Civil rights, economy, political freedoms) and your nation classification (inoffensive centrist democracy, corrupt dictatorship, democratic socialists etc.)
The Belmore Family
06-01-2004, 20:24

Prime Minister Thatcher
No, It's horrible!
Note to self-close all communications with Real Conservatives.
06-01-2004, 20:44
In real life i find the United Nations just a symbol of united countries for a lack of words. The UN really doesnt have a backbone and just tells all the countries what to do and impose their will....but yeah.

In NationStates i joined the UN because im interested in politics and wanted to vote on resolutions and become involved in Nation States.

I concur with the conservative states as well though on the UN issue.