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Meat Tariffs

30-12-2003, 16:47
We urge you to endorse the proposal on meat tariffs which are currently before the UN.

Many Thanks,
The Leader of the Disputed Terratories of Exxilon
Catholic Europe
30-12-2003, 16:56
Why do you urge us? Please give us your own reasons as to why we should support this proposal.
30-12-2003, 21:10
Yes, we have read your proposal. Please share arguments as to why we ought to approve of it.
30-12-2003, 22:18
The world is in danger of turning veggie. Its not right!
We need bacon and much of the world needs greater nutrition. What better reason to open up meat sales to the world. Free meat trade means that poorer nations will be able to compete with larger nations in meat production therefore meaning more meat produced and less starvation.
31-12-2003, 00:47
The world is in danger of turning veggie.

That is a life choice. Whether or not you agree with vegetarianism, to attempt to pass legislation that would work to outlaw it is counterproductive to democracy.

Furthermore, the Federation of Soltak believes that tariffs are a vital part of international trade, and will not vote to abolish or relax them.
Dark Cow
31-12-2003, 04:45
The world will not become vegetarian over night you know. A couple of thoughts. There are several nations in this universe that produce meat. Meat is actually a very important element in our diet. Why? We need protein. Now, back to your point about tariff. You want to put a tariff on meat because you think that vegetarian companies will buy it out and veggies will rule the world. Consider this: Are most of the people today carnvories or herbivores or omnivores? Omnivores of course! Now, reasons not to put a tariff on meat:
1. Business if very important to an economy, by putting up tariffs, not only do you hurt your relations with other nations, you will eventaully isolate yourself. That is good if you want to become a meat producing nation alone without help from other people.
2. Be realistic, the vegetable industry is big, but most likely not as big as the meat producing industry.
3. I believe that tariffs are just wrong. Why? You limit compostion. Is that good? Yes and no. Yes because you allow the smaller companies to grow to compete with the bigger companies. No because I believe that if a company gets big, why should we restrict it. If it gets bigger, let it get bigger. If it becomes an oligopoly or a monopoly, great!

Limiting the growth of big companies is like saying this: "I'm too small. You're too big. You're mean. I'm going to tell the government to put up a tariff so I can grow and compete with you because I either got a new idea, or stole your idea."
31-12-2003, 06:42
Only in the most extreme of cases would an increased cost of meat result in the adoption of vegetarianism.
31-12-2003, 07:25
This would be like raising the taxes on cigarettes (not that eating meat is bad anyway) or making alcoholic beverages illegal, I recall a country that did this last waaaay back in the past and end up with a whole illegal underground of people that became very powerful by trafficking and selling alcohol, with a lot of other criminal activities later attached to it and making people become more respondant to this underground than to the government.

There is no use in such policies and my country will have none of these.

Pablo B.
Community of Bariloche