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30-12-2003, 02:51
This proposal will assist many areas in providing a stable UN Delegate that is based upon Majority vote and long term unviability.
This allows the UN Delegate position to be treated fairly and equally among all regions.
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30-12-2003, 03:00
Link to proposal:

UN Delegate Stability

Category: The Furtherment of Democracy; A resolution to increase democratic freedoms.
Strength: Strong

Proposed by: Chrytonia

Description: As in any large political body under democratic rule, it becomes necessary to assure the STABILITY and necessary changes for UN Nations.

Whereas, current regional requirements prevail by MAJORITY VOTE, the UN Delegate is one that has NO SPECIFIC LIMIT for delegacy. Therefore, a proposal is developed to assure that here, as in other democratic societies, a term limit of two consecutive terms is enforced for all UN Nations holding the UN Delegate position.

This resolution DOES NOT LIMIT the number of terms that any one Nation can hold the UN Delegate position as long as they are not consecutive, and assures that the UN Delegate is indeed the MAJORITY vote.

For the good and growth of all Nations.

Voting Ends: Thu Jan 1 2004

I'd recommend that you read the "Before you make a proposal" thread.
30-12-2003, 03:17
Santin - I have read that thread, thank you.
The category is what is updated with all UN members, not the body of the proposal. This proposal is not intended to change the game nor modify any rules. The proposal will not actually be enforceable, but more a chance for the UN members to be heard.
Culture and Niceness
30-12-2003, 03:24
If it is passed and becomes a Resolution, the statistics of all member nations will be altered in accordance with the Category - NOT the description - of the proposal.

This is right from that thread Santin.
30-12-2003, 08:57
It is a game mechanics proposal. I'd explain why at length, but I'm in a hurry right now.