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Feel Good Bill- Increased Access to Medicine Bill Questions.

24-12-2003, 17:28
What does the current ' Increased Access to Medicine' bill actually accomplish?
It seems like it is simply stating, "We like medicine for sick people." and of course everybody will vote for it.

But what does it actually do?
To say that the method of increasing access is up to each country is horribly vague and potentially dangerous. Governments could subsidize strictly for a profit. Also how do you determine who is complying with the bill? What are the criteria? The amount of money a nation puts into it or the status of their health care system?
All but the last paragraph of the bill essentially say nothing and the final one does nothing but say 'do what you want'.
Why are bills like this getting through that have little or no impact, as far as I can see, on the world that we live in?
If I'm missing the point completely, somebody fill me in.
Thanks for your time.
Joel Robert,