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Quorum is pure luck

24-12-2003, 00:08
Other less absurd proposals languish on the proposal list yet the Hippo proposal reached quorum. I think that people who want to get serious work done on this site need to coat themselves in the toungue and cheek attitude of many of the nations.
24-12-2003, 01:06
I know. It's partly due to a lack of decent proposals to support.

Kûk‡xenisi n!ok‡x'osi xno-k‡xek‡emi.
The state only exists to serve itself.
Racism-the other stupid ideology
Peace, love, and girls with small waists and really big butts!
I'm male. Note the pic
of attractive women.
24-12-2003, 01:29
Unfortunately, the lack of decent proposals coupled with the apathy of many regional delegates has crippled the system.