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The Foreign Legion Establishment Act

22-12-2003, 06:31
Roycelandia has submitted a new proposal to the UN (under the International Security heading) allowing for the creation of Foreign Legions in each member nation. The text is as follows:

Noting the International Climate of late, including the increasing number of wars, terrorist attacks, and international disputes, The Empire of Roycelandia feels that it is time action was taken. To this end, we propose:

The Foreign Legion Establishment Act

Upon successful passage by the appropriate number of UN Member Nations, each Member Nation with a Combined Military (Army, Navy, Airforce, Other) of more than 100,000 shall establish a Foreign Legion, of a size not less than 500 Individuals.

As the name implies, the Foreign Legion shall be made up of soldiers who are citizens of other countries. Security Requirements will mean that Individuals who are known to be past or present members of UN Listed Terrorist Organisations will be barred from joining a Foreign Legion. Aside from that, an applicant must be:

I. A Citizen of a Country that is not the UN Member Nation in which they currently reside.
II. Above the Age of Majority in the UN Member Nation
III. Of Above Average Physical Fitness
IV. Not a Member of a UN Listed Terrorist Organisation.

Foreign Legionnaires shall NOT be considered Mercenaries, and therefore accorded all rights under the Wolfish Convention of POW Rights.

The maintenance of a Foreign Legion will be the UN Member Nation's responsibility, but we do not see it being a huge burden, owing to the relatively small minimum size.

The Establishment of a Foreign Legion would leave each nation with a useful, dedicated fighting force which could be deployed to politically or militarily sensitive hot-spots around the globe without risking that nation's own Citizens.

We urge all UN Member Nations to Support and Endorse this Proposal as a matter of International Security and with the greatest haste and priority.

We would appreciate your support and feedback in this matter...