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10-12-2003, 19:14
On Dec 11, 2003 I am having an international party which we can discuss international trade, and how to resolve current wars. See I am the person who was in the past hated any nations who used landmines, but I have recieved many emails that say they have banned them because of me and that makes me feel great. I know there are some nations that prefer to use land mines and thats ok because I dont control the world. But in my region I will eject anyone who uses them. This means no innocent blood will be spilt on my region Canadian Hemisphere. But this international party I am inviting everyone to come to move to my region so are nations can endorse each other, have trade discussions and enjoy the amazing food and scenery of my region. If anyone after this party still wants to stay in my region they can. For right now I am the only one in my region and feel very lonely :( and I have none to endorse or really talk too. So this party is alll about having fun, disscussing issues/trade and premoting my region. Please look in the world fact book to learn about my region Canadian Hemisphere. A place where Canadians and Americans can really relaxe and enjoy time with each other. My position is against landmines is general, but I cannot stop people from using them for I am only one nation, but none in my region will ever use them. I really hope all UN members and delegates will be there in my region to talk about world problems and we can share and listen to our opinions on each subject and make as resolution :)
Emperor Matthuis
14-12-2003, 21:38
This in an add wrong forum but it won't be locked because this forum is hardly ever used :cry:

Emperor Matthuis