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10-12-2003, 16:39
i think weed should be alowed in the world if u think so vote for it :wink:
Oppressed Possums
12-12-2003, 02:14
Weeds are bad. They get in the way of my "grass"
The Global Market
12-12-2003, 02:15
i think weed should be alowed in the world if u think so vote for it :wink:

I am inclined to agree. All drugs are legal in my country as the government does not have hte right to tell you what chemicals you can and cannot put into your bloodstream.
12-12-2003, 03:47
This isnt a War on Drugs.This is a war on personal freedom..And you cant get more personal then your piss..
12-12-2003, 04:07
Although I am strognly opposed to those who take the drug, I believe it is my citizens' right to smoke, inject, snort, etc... whatever they really feel the need to.
12-12-2003, 07:00
Although I am strognly opposed to those who take the drug, I believe it is my citizens' right to smoke, inject, snort, etc... whatever they really feel the need to.

I appologize, but that's obsurd. Taken out of context of human rights it is a catch 22. How can people who are under the influence of say, barbituates, be legally alowd to operated a car. By giving them that right you are taking the rights of other people away by making the roads they drive on unsafe. If drug use is to be legalized (and I believe the strongest defense for legalization is to help cut down on drug related street deaths and gangs) it needs to be closely monitored. People need to stop beating around the bush about "medical doses" and "how good hemp is for the economy." Drugs get people high, thats why people want it legal, and thats why it should be a controlled substance (either legal or illegal.) Get up, shake it off, move on. If drugs are legalized, then there needs to be laws, just as there are laws in many countries for tobacco and firearms, and there needs to be an agenda set to decide exactly what constitues "safe" drug use. Only then can we come up with decent, researched material for the UN.

Owens Locker
12-12-2003, 11:13
Again Chumber agrees with the use of marijuana, for home use and medical reasons only. In Chumba the use of the drug has been leaglised in our country for some time, and hasn't effect our productivity. BUT it is banned in public places, such as work and the street.
12-12-2003, 11:19
Weed will just couse that they after a while they whant stroger stuff, and thats bad.

12-12-2003, 11:38
because no one has to drive a car in carlemnaria, and most heavy machinery opperates itself, these would not be valid arguments against keeping it lawful.

our only laws concerning neurotropic substances recreationaly consumed is that all packaging be clearly and accurately labled.

if we were still a monary based economy taxes on such substances would probably finance the majority of our public works.

at any rate we don't wast effort or resources creating and subsidising black markets by outlawing relatively harmless things that are in popular demand.

we do suspect that many long term visitors who spend several months here every year do so to grow and consume smoke. like our coffee and cocoa, herb grown in the rich natural soils of our forrest is reputed to be of excelent quality.

oddly enough many of us who live here have no desire to consume this product but then we are all such a diverse bunch anyway.

perhapse it is that we are allready sufficiently laid back and deeply gratified to express our creativity, and live such a stress free lifestyle that there is little demand for anesthisizing ourselves.

it is funny to watch the tourests from more repressive societies furtively planting their patch in the woods.

shucks one of our more popular agricultural products is a special kind of goat's milk cheese made from the milk of goats who are fed almost exclusively on canabis

happiest goats you ever seen too

12-12-2003, 14:23
Why do out of one's way to make something bad legal?

What are the benefits of such things? Do they bring anything worthwhile into a country? Do they not instead bring that which is detrimental into a nation?
12-12-2003, 22:02
oh ya whats wrong with a good drag? nothing ya thought so. youre mom ooooo snap. :twisted: :P :? :)
12-12-2003, 22:12
I must admit, some of these arguments are even more poorly written than that stupid hippo proposal. But I digress...

All drugs should be legal, and are in the nation of Apocs. Why? The economy. Why have street-walking scum becoming millionaires by selling drugs when the government can grow and regulate the sale of these substances? Also, if I ever were to smoke weed I would trust the weed the government sells over the weed Crackhead Bob just offered me, as I would not want it to be last with a severely addicting substance. Besides, just because drugs are legal doesn't mean parents are going to suddenly decide to teach their children the proper way to shoot up heroin. Drugs are bad, we all know this. Smoking is bad too and that doesn't stop people from doing it, however it is their own decision. Everyone is aware of the dangers of cigarettes and no authority figure would ever endorse or encourage them, and the same is true for drugs. Also, if drugs are legal then it would stop a lot of people from trying them simply because the idea of doing anything taboo is exhilirating.
Oppressed Possums
12-12-2003, 23:04
We need weed killer
12-12-2003, 23:07
Marijuana is legal in my country for two fundamental reasons.

1. If it is legal, it can be regulated and made as safe as possible for those who choose to use it.

2. If it is legal, we can tax the hell out of it.
12-12-2003, 23:30