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10-12-2003, 06:52
The "End Barbaric Punishments" UN Resolution is far too vague to be practically implemented. What it basically takes away is the freedom of every country to not only choose their handling of spies and terrorists themselves, but also, this is beyond the jurisdiction of the UN!

The UN does not have the right to make a resolution that restricts the defense laws of a country, this is an international moral standard. The UN is out of its place with this.

I appeal to all sensible nations that love and preserve their own freedoms, liberties, and justice systems to vote AGAINST this unreasonable resolution.
10-12-2003, 07:58
The resolution is loosely worded and sweeping in nature. No one disagrees with the contention that barbaric punishments must be done away with but eliciting information from witnesses using minimum required force is indispensable for the safe and orderly function of modern civil society.

Minimum required force can and should be used in a specified context under well built checks and controls. Independent systems and institutions must be in place to monitor and prevent gross injustice to victims of perceived torture during interrogation. Independent and vigilant justice administration system should play an active role. The resources of United Nations must be put to use to achieve this objective rather than to discuss and approve incoherent and illogical resolutions.

Further it is none of the business of United Nations to punish errant nations as perceived and advocated as per this resolution.

This resolution needs to be vetoed without any second thought.