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A good gun control proposal

10-12-2003, 00:15
1.Buying/selling firearms
a)Must be over the age of 21 to buy a firearm.
b)Can only sell firearms back to a firearms retail store.

2.Owning a firearm
a)Must keep fiream and ammo in two seperate safes.
b)Only owner of firearm(s) allowed to know combination to the safes.
c)All firearms must be registered under the owners name and social security number.

3.Children and firearms
a)Children below the age of 12 not allowed to operate a firearm.(not even under supervision)

It's on p. 14 if anyone wants to see it in the UN proposal list.
Oppressed Possums
10-12-2003, 00:32
Oppressed Possums
10-12-2003, 00:33
That's okay. If people want to kill themselves, it saves us the trouble.

It's survival of the fittest and all.