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New Purposal - Judicially Uniform Security Team (JUST)

09-12-2003, 20:47
JUST Judicially Uniform Security Team
In these troubling times, many crimes are committed that transcend the boarders of one nation and spill into others. When incidents such as this occur, it is often difficult for the various nations to decide who has jurisdiction. Therefore, it is imperative that an international task force be created to solve this dilemma.
(A) This agency, the Judicially Uniform Security Team (JUST), would be composed of law enforcement officers and judicial personnel of all member nations. The aggrieved nations would automatically have their personnel in the incident’s taskforce; in addition, non-effected member nations would have personnel involved on a rotating basis.
(B) JUST shall also be used to put war criminals on trial by the International Community. This would serve to give even that are accused of heinous deeds a fair and impartial jury. In this way, justice would prevail.
(C) JUST’s jurisdiction will not supercede sovereign national law unless the individual is accused of violation international laws.
(D) JUST will be used by participating nations to pool resources to help bring criminals to justice in a timely manner.
(E-1.) JUST’s directorial board shall consist of a six (6) member council of nations to be voted on by the General Assembly.
(E-2.) Membership shall be held by these nations for a term of four (4) years. Membership in four consecutive terms shall not be allowed.
(F,) The United Nations General Assembly shall reserve the right to amend this document as it sees fit.
Oppressed Possums
10-12-2003, 00:05
Oppressed Possums
10-12-2003, 00:06
What polices the police in this case?

There's also "absolute power corrupts absolutely"
Oppressed Possums
10-12-2003, 00:06