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OOC: A Realistic Solution to the UN's Problems

09-12-2003, 19:35
Tighten the standards for UN applicants. Not everyone who applies should be allowed in - only those with a population of 100 million or more, and relatively serious about roleplaying.

Having them actually apply and be reviewed would prevent, for the most part, stuff like this ( from happening.
Oppressed Possums
09-12-2003, 19:53
I say limit it to nations with a population of over 1 billion
09-12-2003, 19:58
Even better. I was just using 100 million as a placeholder.
Oppressed Possums
09-12-2003, 20:00
1.5 billion
09-12-2003, 22:29
That wouldn't solve any problems, and it would completely change the focus of the game.
1) I just started playing recently, but I am more active in the UN than many veterans, and I am a lot less stupid than a lot of the veterans.
2) That would require a long waiting time to join, obviously. If every nation had to wait a few months before joining the UN, then many nations, myself included, would quit the game, since the UN is a huge part of playing.
3) Not everyone is involved in role-playing. The game wasn't even created with role-playing in mind, it just evolved on the message boards after a while. Many people just enjoy the politics, especially in the UN. To require an interest in role-playing is selfish and would cause a lot of people to leave.
4) Perhaps a better solution would be to have a Security Council in the UN, which could be restricted to more experienced nations. However, this would require a lot of coding, and would probably only work if a completely new version of NationStates was created.
09-12-2003, 22:32
This should be in the Technical forum.

Anyway, I'm opposed. The stupidity level of a proposal is completely unrelated to the length of time someone's been playing.

This has been an OOC post.
Oppressed Possums
10-12-2003, 01:41
It would weed out 90% of the applicants