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Current Anti-Torture Proposal Tip. (Some marginal RP'ing)

09-12-2003, 12:26
Those planning to leave the U.N. in response to this proposals non-specifica should wait till it passes so as to grab the human rights boost.

Then lets all get the heck out of this red tape production plant.

" Today is a great day for our nation, the current Power Party and the Opposition Party Of the Token Kind as well as smaller minority parties for the furtherment of democracy, are in total agreement, the U.N. has become a horror house of long distance rule, ill-informed vote casting by the ignorant, and the best place to purchase cut price red tape, :wink: , in the entire world, therefore our national parliment, in both lower and upper houses, Mr Speaker of the Lower House, has decided to quit our membership of the U.N. in the event of this proposal passing, although this will mean refraining from active interaction in the U.N. we will of coarse continue to lobby our opinions, those representative of our people, in international media and forums, and, in the hope our action will help lead other members out of the darkness. "

Transcript of A Rep of Komokom, making a historic address to the national Rubber Stamp House of Parliment, before the elected speaker of the house, and in a rare occasion, the national ruler. More updates will be broadcat as they happen.

(A Rep of Komokom thanking you for your time)
09-12-2003, 15:55
I'm definitely pulling out if we do not allow torture in U.N. countries.