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UN proposal

09-12-2003, 04:22
His Royal Highness, Dowager Prince Willwont of Heraklaneum, will vote to oppose the UN proposal to ban intensive interrogation of those who ILLEGALLY threaten the security of his serene Kingdom. His most royal reasons are as follows;

* His Majesty fears that the ban will actually encourage the undesirable extraction of sensetive information and its use in the hands of those ill equiped to manage it.

* Most significantly, His Highness does not wish to support the bill as it stands which leaves the actual terms unclear and the very nature of "torture" unwritten. It is undesirable to promote shallow ideology, while noble in spirit, will create more problems than it solves. It may assure the physical well being of those who consciously accept the dangerous occupation of spying, but it places the security of innocent citizens who simply wish to leave in peace, at considerable risk.

* His highness fears for the privacy of his citizens as the protection of those who take part in an ILLEGAL occupation will result in the widening of abuse to civil liberties. "Big-Brother" to a new level.

As always His Royal Highness wishes to extend his warm wishes to the other members of the council.

Edgar Ravenswood
First Gentleman of the Office of His Most Royal Highness, Willwont the Wise of the Grand Duchy of Heraklaneum.
09-12-2003, 08:04
We do so agree in Much Benham. Really, one can not let these undesirables run about causing trouble. We remember the Great War here and know the damage caused by spies.