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Ban Torture? why?

08-12-2003, 10:39
I know that on the surface, such an act seems like an obvous necesity, but when we think of th way such things work, how much of our nationa are we willing to give up, how much ofour control are we willing to sacrifice to the colective? being in the Un means folowing it's rules, but when we alow it to make rules that tell us how to govern, we are not folowing therules we are handing over our countries, lock stock and barrel. I urge to all to vote against such an act. torture is bad, but if we don't lie it, we can outlaw it on the individual level, and noot let the organization formed to bring us to gather and protect our countries rights to exist and be individual, to ake away our rights instead.
King Larsen, lord Almighty, King and headman of the Larsen Clan
08-12-2003, 11:29
To those opposed and supporting,

It is quite obvious to me, that the United Nations, a grand governing body that looks to emphasize democratic principles and include all nations regardless of ideology, has taken a great step. Though my regime is one in which I dictate the governance of the country, I am opposed to torture in the manner described in UN Bill opposing torture. Nevertheless, it should arise to the United Nations and those in support of this same bill that nations whether agreeing on the surface, or not, still reserve the ability to conceal such atrocities unless divulged by permitted sources such as a human rights organization or commission. This bill, while having a great intention, is practically null and void without enforcement. Unless this becomes evident, which would comprise of the supporting members of this bill, contributing troops and commencing war and conflict, then this bill might as well not have been introduced.

Most Graciously Yours,

12-12-2003, 07:45
a travesty