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Torture or Tonsil Surgery?

08-12-2003, 05:31
In studying the resolution, our legal team has come up with a few questions:
1. What is the definition of torture? Would this definition include the removal of er, certain body parts whose existence is harmful to innocent citizens? This is similar to preventing convicted felons from owning firearms and other weapons, or like weeding a garden.
2. The proposal certainly recognizes the need for punishment to fit the crime, which the Abuse It and Lose Itâ„¢ system certainly does.
3. The system is certainly not cruel. The offender is sedated and the "part" removed by qualified medical personnel in a sterile environment. The patient may feel some soreness, but tonsil surgery isn't considered cruel, is it? If we wanted to be cruel about it, we would...(Public Relations Director: *cough*)...use other methods.

Under the current resolution, would our system of stand, or do we need to outlaw tonsil sugery and gardening?