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International Identification System

08-12-2003, 04:02
The young frumpled, former CTO, ambassador from Sideros steps forward.

"My fellow delegates. In this age of unprecedented information sharing, international travel, and as well unease and discomfort because of terrorists incidents world wide, I ask that we discuss the possibility of an International Identification System to replace our antiquated nation specific passport systems. I am proposing a resolution for 'International Identification'"

<shuffles a few papers>

"An International Identification System (or IIDS for short) would increase the efficiency of handling routine administrative transactions between government agencies and citizens, with benefits claimed in the areas of information management, convenience, cost savings and fraud reduction. IIDS could combine the functions of a driver's license, social security registration, immigration documents, and other government-issued identification into a single document and international database.

<tanks a drink of water>

"Consistency of documentation across international boundries and instant access to detailed information on the citizenry of the world would increase the ease of international travel and promote global business while at the same time increasing security internationally as well."

<stacks his papers altogether>

"Thank you for listening to my proposal. I shall be intrigued by the discussion this may spark."
08-12-2003, 04:29
Lets see Social Security can't find me now, in my own country, in my own State. I have never changed my name nor my Social Security Number. But this would be able to take the place of a Social Security card.

Using this as a drivers license, really good idea there: You go out to dinner with your spouse. It is freezing outside. You hit a patch of ice and slide into a ditch. A police officer shows up on the scene, who has had a bad day. Gives you some tickets for failure to control your vehicle, driving dangerously, exceeding safe speed, endangering the public safety, and traveling in the wrong direction on a public roadway. You go in front of a judge and the judge revokes your license. Effect: you no longer have Social Security, Passport, Drivers License nor anything else.
Oh this happens while on a ski vacation in the Alps. Now you are an illegal alien in a foriegn land with no identification.

Bad proposal. Needs streamlined, as to application of Identification Card.