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The Orion Nebula
07-12-2003, 21:35
Hello everyone.

Due to an unfortunate misunderstanding, the proposal "HIPPOS ARE STILL BIG" was removed from the floor after it reached quorum.

The good news is that the situation has been resolved and the proposal has been resurrected as HIPPOS ARE REALLY QUITE LARGE. Unfortunately, it appears that those of you who supported the previous proposal will have to approve it again so that it can come to a vote. I apologize for the inconvenience.

For those of you just joining us, this proposal asks all UN Nations to take one day a year to educate their citizens on the environment, conservation and endangered species. Also some stuff about hippos. I hope you'll support it.

The Orion Nebula
08-12-2003, 06:09
Would one of the Moderators please lock this topic, we don't need two parallel threads on the same resolution. Thanks.