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Banning Landmines, Part II

07-12-2003, 19:53
I agreed fully with the spirit of the most recently passed resolution, "Banning the use of landmines."
However, it was worded inaccurately, and my proposal seeks to emend that.
The way the former resolution was worded, it claimed that no UN nation could use landmines during war time. So, for example, let's say Palestine and Israel are not at war. Palestine, to deter an attack by Israel, places landmines and the war is averted. No war ever occurs, yet the landmines have still been placed and exist as a danger to civilians.
My proposal seeks to avoid this potential (and still legal) hazard by abolishing the use of landmines in any instance, for any purpose.
If any delegates wish to approve the proposal, it is listed under the proposals as "Banning Landmines, Part II".
Catholic Europe
07-12-2003, 20:10
I believe that landmines should not be used during war time, therefore Catholic Europe does not support this resolution.
07-12-2003, 20:18
Sorry pal, but I'm getting really sick of the U.N. mandating what is proper behavior. I plan to vote against your resolution, and thereby, voting for the freedom of self-determination!