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Ban The Staple

07-12-2003, 13:46
This important Environmental Issue must be brought to the attention of the World! We cannot allow the continued destruction of our World's Forests in order to serve the needs of the Staple Industry. We must fully implement the paperless office and end this travesty.

Please pledge your support to this proposal. Do it for your World.

Act Now! Ban the Staple!
07-12-2003, 14:38
The Kingdom of Pelvic Thrust concurs. We must not let our citizens get a holt of staples which they could implant under their fingernails and use as cat claws enabling them to climb up and escape from their wells.
07-12-2003, 15:22
Does the evil of the Staple know no bounds? We must redouble our efforts to eradicate this accursed implement from our planet!

Act Now! Ban the Staple!
Catholic Europe
07-12-2003, 18:19
Hmm, not a worthy proposal really. :wink:
07-12-2003, 18:34
we're definately filing this one under "have fun but you've got to be kidding".

while carlemnaria reserves paper products primarily for those who wish to express themselves creatively with them and generaly avoids beaurocratic office hierarchies, long and bitter experience has taught us that we can only expect so much of cultures set in ways that begin and end in emotional attatchments that have little to do with spiritual inspiration or tangable realities of things like land, life or even gravity and magnetism, of which planet earth is notorious for being riddled with.

if you attempt to ban the staple there will be controversy over paper clips and what constitutes a staple and which way of bending them qualifies.

others may sit on their duffs in urban offices. we're going back out and work in the garden

or at least sit on a big flat rock under a nice shade tree watching battery bowered robotic garden tractors work in the garden

no paper clips or staples required

07-12-2003, 18:47
Hmm, not a worthy proposal really. :wink:

I concur.

Lord Evif, Goobergunchian UN Ambassador
Founder of the DU Region
Catholic Europe
07-12-2003, 18:48
Hmm, not a worthy proposal really. :wink:

I concur.

However, I do see the intended action behind it.
07-12-2003, 19:27
While the intent of the proposal may appear to be quite superficial, the implications it has are very serious indeed, and this would be apparent if you would care to read the proposal itself. If you have done so already, apologies, and we shall let our opinions differ.