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Lets Just Get Right Down to It

06-12-2003, 21:51
Why don't we ( the UN) just Ban War and all Instraments of War, both offensive and defensive, in all UN Nations!!!! That way all the Non UN Nations and their Pinko Communist Puppet UN Member Nations can then just take us all over and once and for all rid this planet of the stupidity that IS the UN!!!
I mean , really , why drag it out??? It doesn't take a brain surgin to figure out that those nations proposing all these destructive proposals in the name of "world peace" MUST be working for the Non UN Nations! Its the only thing that makes any sence at all!!! Either that or the majority of UN member Nations are ruled by complete idiots!!!
Der Fuhrer Dyszel
06-12-2003, 21:55
Not worth the time to make a comment.