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Recognition of marraiges

06-12-2003, 08:07
The Emperor requests that the UN delegates of the various regions review and approve the following resolution.

Recognition of Marraiges
Category: Human Rights
Strength: Significant
Description: 1) A couple lawfully married in any UN member state shall be recognized as married by the governments of all other member states, and shall not be denied access to any rights, concessions or priveliges available to couples married domestically.

2) All member states shall issue a certificate of marraige to couples lawfully wed within their jurisdiction, listing the name, gender and age of each partner as well as the place and date of their wedding and the name of the judge or clergyman officiating, and the signatures of each. Lawfully wedded couples emigrating to another member state shall retain this certificate as verification of their marraige.

3) However, no member state shall be required to recognize as legal a marraige which would not be permitted under the laws of that nation.
06-12-2003, 08:35
Notwithstanding your provision #3, the phrase "Description: 1) A couple lawfully married " is VAGUE!!!!!!

what is a "couple"?? You MUST specify what you are suggesting; to assume either male/female or same gender is erroneous. We, as nations, can ONLY go by what you specify.

A couple can mean man/woman or same sex or man/sheep. What one person calls "a couple" does not mean necessarily what you mean as a couple.

And to play Devil's Advocate....what about nations/cultures with multiple marriages? Must ALL nations accept polygamy simply because one nation does? And what about the #3 you mention...what of a man who is married to 2 women from 'nation x', and they move to 'nation y' and live there for 50 years. If nation x accepts polygamy and will grant pension benefits to both wives, but nation y does not, does this not constitute discrimination against the second wife who will get nothing under nation y laws?

And to impose multi-lateral pension agreements due to polygamy and/or same sex marriage is to violate individual national laws.

Nice idea...but when making laws, consider the difficult cases.