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Youth Offenders Act

06-12-2003, 05:57
Currently, I have a possible act that I would like to apply to the UN. I need to hear your oppinion to determine If I should go forward with trying to find some Endorsements. Currently, this is the jist of it:
"Affecting those under the age of 18, would provide that all youths shall be held of all illegal activities at and above the age of 9. Furthermore, youths will go through a seperate court process than adults, with the exception of serious crimes such as robbery, murder, and other heineous offences. Children also shall have the right to prevent their name in the press, unless they pose a possible threat to society. As well, Children can serve sentences to pay off fines, and possible jail time as Community Services after school."
Yell at me if you wish.
06-12-2003, 07:32
This is not an issue for the UN. Youth justice, as long as the justice system in a country is fair, should be something determened on a contory to contory basis. Sorry, I would encurage others to vote against it.