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Combatting the Drug Trade

05-12-2003, 17:49
Recognizing that all nations share a common goal for control of global drug trade: It is proposed that a World Drug Control Law be established. All UN nations will henceforth allow the trade of marijuana as a commodity in their nations, the same as gold, silver, Orange Juice and Pork bellies. This will greatly reduce the profit margin of drug traffickers and greatly increase income to nations as the new marijuana sales can be taxed like cigarettes or fuels.

Go Vote! :lol:
05-12-2003, 17:52
not a good idea why should the UN's nations reap benefit on something that causes harm and if made legal wide spread problems. what would be the point in increasing crime and death.
05-12-2003, 18:18
Just legalize thre whole of it....making the trade legal cuts out the profit margin...we have no drug laws in Heian-Edo, and no problems.