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Freedom of Speech

05-12-2003, 16:58
i think all counrtys need to have a Freedom of speech law because just because some one dosent like us dosent mean we have to put a bullet in the back of thir heads like the Nazis
05-12-2003, 17:04
I think you need to learn to spell, capitalize, and punctuate.
05-12-2003, 17:17
Ill worry what i need to do how about we stay on topic.!
05-12-2003, 17:36
I'm all for Freedom of Speech. I'll vote for it if it gets to the floor.
05-12-2003, 17:41
good idea but it really has to be limited and followed because of those that feel they have to abuse every right they have. and because of those people some nations will suffer from the few that think they need to say what ever they want and wars could start. so if it does make it to the floor yes im for it but just remember that certain things need to be addressed first
05-12-2003, 19:17
well if ur in lusitiana endorse me so i can but it up for the floor
05-12-2003, 19:25
The Commonwealth of Billthecat would be willing to endorse such a proposal, but only if provisions were added to exclude the rights of free speech from : a. inviduals who are obviously drunk; b. individuals with a demonstrated Intelligence Quotient of less than 80; and c. individuals who attemp to use a computer while wearing boxing gloves.

This would help to preserve the free flow of information within society while eliminating the "annoying buzzing sound."
Oppressed Possums
05-12-2003, 19:27
Free speech isn't free. You have to earn it.
05-12-2003, 19:32
I think you need to learn to spell, capitalize, and punctuate.

05-12-2003, 19:38
i agree with Possums, freedom comes at the cost of war
05-12-2003, 20:29
hey guess what i need people to endorse me if im going to make it a proposal so can some one teleghraph me back on this ill do it as soon as i get 2 endorsements!
05-12-2003, 20:35
Let's have free speech with all the cussing and discussing we want, but try to keep down the temperature. Hatefulness can get close to inciting to riot, and that, in fact, is still a crime.
05-12-2003, 20:40
We already have free speech. Go back and read the old UN resolutions.