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Ban on Landmines question:

05-12-2003, 13:09
Description: All nations are advised that landmines are cruel and unnecessary devices to civilian populations of nations around the world. These weapons indiscriminately maim and kill civilian targets. When conflicts end, landmines pose a serious threat to farming and render large portions of land unuseable. The expense and difficulty of removing landmines after hostilities cease means that farmland and other areas might never be useful to populations for any enterprise. For this reason the immediate banning of the use of landmines in conflicts carried out by UN counties is called for.
My question is - does this include defense? At first I thuoght it did, but landmines have both defensive and offensive purposes.. like landmining enemy territory to cripple there defenses.

Landmining military bases and borders would not pose a threat to farming and wouldn't render large portions of land unuseable, as these lands are already unuseable - what is going to be on the boreder besides military personal to keep everything in order? And what about a military base? Do you see civilians training in how to shoot? I don't.

My question - since the resolution wasn't worded that greatly, is this a total ban or just a ban from using it in an offensive manner or.. eh its to early in the morning.