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Ferrussia resigns UN over several resolutions

05-12-2003, 07:11
(OOC: This was posted in II, but I believe it has a large impact on UN decisions, so I'm posting it here as well. My original protest (against the Labor Union laws) where this post is also made is here (


United Nations Headquarters, General Assembly Room

The Ambassador to the UN stood again, to make a final speech.

"Ferrussia is outraged that, despite our cry for some sanity in resolutions, the next proposal on the vote is to restrict our military incomprehendably! In response to our plea, we have recieved a slap in the face! And for what?

"They propose to keep our military from using landmines. LANDMINES! For heaven's sake, we just used air-dropped land mines to cover the defense of a crutial airfield against attack! Without the landmines, the airfield would have been lost, and hundreds of brave Ferrussian souls, as well. We will not be so easily spat upon by this disgrace of an organization!

"I do not feel the need to further argue our case - the utter insanity of this bill will NOT affect our sensible nation! I fear we stand nearly alone in this mindless crowd, and we will do so no longer! I urge all sane nations to abandon this shipwreck! Ferrussia will not fund this organization, or be subjected to such maniacal laws any further! We are resigning from the United Nations as of now!"

With that, he grabbed the plastic nameplate in front of his position and snapped it on his knee, throwing the two pieces onto the floor in the center of the room. He grabbed his briefcase, motioned for his aides to follow, and walked out of the corrupted halls of the United Nations forever.