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UN topics: pointless and redundant

04-12-2003, 20:16
Greetings, all,
Maybe its just me, but Ive been noticing that the recent UN Topics that we vote on have been getting more and more redundant and pointless. The things that we vote on all have obvious, logical answers, like the recent one about cleaner fuel research. Of course people are going to vote for that, its obviously the right thing to do. I beleive that we need more subversive issues, something people can debate with arguments other then "landmines are cool".
I bring this up because, now, when I look at the Untied Nations, it seems like we are wasting our time on pointless things. Please, share your thoughts on this subject.
04-12-2003, 20:24
I agree. However, I think that the reason for this, is because many people do not take this game as seriously as others. They get it in their minds that it would be amusing somehow to place a proposal before the UN suggesting "The color pink should be outlawed." I feel that delegates have an obligation to both keep these ludicrous issues from coming before the rest of the UN to begin with, and to seriously evaulate relations and other issues as they stand. Only then can we devise plans to deal with the things that matter.