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proposal cleansweep

04-12-2003, 14:30
would everyone please support my first proposal.
04-12-2003, 15:44
Narshon, UN representative for The Safalran Lands, asks "Would settlement be allowed in the proposed National Parks? It is the opinion of the Safalran people that settlement and conservation are not mutually exclusive provided the populace are educated in environmental matters. However, if the intention of the resolution is that the National Parks cannot be settled, then no densely populated national will support the motion."
04-12-2003, 16:31
residents educated in the environment will be able to settle in the areas specified, the building lived in will be built using "GREEN TECHNOLOGY", which is buildings that are constructed be environmentally safe. Solar panels, large windows for natural air conditioning, and using thermal energy for heat.
04-12-2003, 18:45
Narshon, UN representative for the Safalran Lands, says "This is how our people live, and we encourage other nations to behave similarly, so support this proposal. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely that this proposal will reach quorum."