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04-12-2003, 13:45
I haven't been playing NS for very long, but I do have a region which I have been elected delegate of.

To celebrate, I spent a VERY long time posting a UN resolution entitled "The Retail based Crimes Act", under the "Human Rights" category (A resolution to improve worldwide human and civil rights.)

The edited highlights are that the act would make it a crime for customers to annoy staff in retail outlets (and if you've worked in retail outlets then you will understand why such an act would be good for the world). In fact, I even received a Telegram from another Nation in a different region thanking me for making the Proposal! :D

Earlier today I got a VERY curt telegram from "NationStates Moderators" saying "Make your UN proposals in the right category". No explanation, nothing. I found my proposal had been deleted, which I'm not very happy about, as I spent over an hour typing it, and as far as I can tell it was in the right category, not offensive, and certainly not worthy of deletion- especially when you look at some of the junk that does get left in the Proposal Queue. :evil: :evil:

I don't know which Mod was responsible for the Proposal's Deletion, but I would like an explanation, and an apology would be nice- certainly, a bit more than a curt telegram basically saying "Get it right, idiot!" :( :x

After this sort of treatment there is no way in hell I will be signing up for any Pay version of NationStates...

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